Top 10 Adult Face Masks

Top Face Masks

When the COVID-19 outbreak began, wearing face masks what not something that was deemed necessary for protection or for reducing the spread. Recently though, health authorities in Canada have updated their list of recommendation to help reduce to spread of the coronavirus to include ‘wearing cloth face masks’. Simply wearing a face mask does not mean you won’t contract the virus, proper hygiene including the washing of hands and social distancing are also needed.

Not all face masks provide the same level of protection, so it is important to note the differences so that you buy the face mask that best suits your need. This list below is a collection of the most common and popular face masks being purchased by Canadians.

This washable cloth facemask is reusable and adjustable. It comes with a dust filter pocket for added protection and reuse.

100% cotton and Rayon. Comes in multiple colors and styles.


High quality and cost effective, medical disposable masks. These 3 level masks are surgical level masks designed to cover your face.

Soft stretch latex-free ear loops and adjustable nose piece.


Made by Levi’s brand, these masks are 100% cotton and come in both small and large sizes.

Comes in 3 decorative styles and are machine washable.


Pack includes 1 general use mask. It includes one replaceable filter (additional filters sold separate). Multiple colors & styles.

Back elastic strap for relief of tension around ears. Also available in a 3-pack for 37.08


High quality cotton masks that are washable and reusable. Designed to fit snug, but soft against the face.

Built-in protection filters.


These 3- Ply masks come with filters and a lanyard. Made from 100% knitted cotton with three layers of filtration which feels gentle on the skin. Easy to clean with adjustable straps.


Anti-wrinkle, breathable, odor-resistant and ultra-soft dual layer fabric technology suitable for travel and leisure.

Made using real bamboo fabric. Durable, reusable and eco-friendly.


This brand has become one of the most popular on Amazon, so why not also show you this great 3 pack.

Mask: 6.75 Inch (L) x 5.25 Inch (H), Ear Straps: 3.55 Inch.


Anti-wrinkle, breathable, odor-resistant and comfortable fabric suitable for travel and leisure.

Eco-friendly mask made using 100% jersey cotton with tight-knit outer construction; 


Black cotton face mask with elastic ear loops. Comes in a pack of 24.

Reusable and machine washable. Best value for price.



As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, face masks are becoming mandatory in many locations. Although they aren’t mandatory everywhere, we as Canadians can do our part to help flatten the curve by wearing a medical or non-medical cloth mask when out in public. 

Do you have a favorite mask that works well for you? Let us know what you’d recommend in the comments below.