Face Mask Christmas Ornaments 2020

COVID Christmas Decorations

This post is a little more fun. Everyone wants something to remember this year, so why not get a 2020 face mask Christmas ornament or decoration. There are personalized COVID ornaments or just funny memorabilia for year, that was definitely a memorable one.

2020 DIY Christmas Ornament: DIY name or wish on the blank hat and banner of the personalized name Christmas ornament as you want.

Available with up to 6 family members on the ornament.

Comes with ribbon to hang on the tree.


High Quality 2020 Christmas Ornament: Made of lightweight plexiglass, no raised letters, no fading, no peeling.

Easily hang on the Christmas tree, window, fireplace or wall.


3.5″ Circular hanging quarantine Christmas ornament 2020.

Double side printed Christmas ornament, so that no matter which way the ornament is facing, you will see the design and the inscription.

Fun gift or memory.


2020 Stink, Stank, Stunk. This fun Christmas ornament is a good reminder of how the year went. 

Gift this ornament to a friend or get it for your family to enjoy. 

Round, with ribbon to hang on tree.


Santa wears a mask in a sign of these difficult times. His sack is full of the hottest items of 2020: toilet paper, hand sanitizer, wipes!

Comes with ribbon to hang from tree.


3″ round ornament made of premium acrylic. Lightweight.

Comes with a gold string for hanging on the Christmas tree, window as home party decorations.


Personalization – This Holiday Ornament can be customized by yourself. Use marker pen to write your own personalization to the Christmas ornament.

6 pcs to showcase how your family survived 2020.


2020, the year when we were quarantined. This round ornament is a unique memory for the year.

Comes with red ribbon to hang on your Christmas tree.


This Christmas toy is a special design of ladder climbing Santa Claus. The old man wearing 2020 mask and carrying a small bag will climb ladder up and down, perfect decoration for Christmas.

The machine will sing jingle bells along with Santa climbing up and down the ladder.


We love a good COVID Christmas. It is best to take this year lightly and have a bright, fun Christmas this 2020 season. If you haven’t already,  please check out our Christmas Face Mask list. It is sure to bring you joy.

If you have any unique, COVID Christmas ornaments you think we should feature in this post, please Contact Us. Merry Christmas!

Top Christmas Themed Face Masks

Christmas Face Masks

Many of you are upping your fashion game when it comes to face masks. So why not get your Christmas themed face masks to impress your family and friends this holiday season.

Here’s a list of some of the best Christmas themed mask options available to you on Amazon. Order now to ensure your mask arrives before Christmas!

Washable face mask with adjustable ear loops and filter pocket.

Made of premium polyester with M shaped nose clip to adjust to your face.


Washable, dustproof and breathable ice silk cotton face masks for men and women.

Replaceable active carbon filters removes over most , fumes, pollen, haze, chemicals etc. 

Elastic ear loop, very comfortable to wear.


Reusable polyester/cotton face mask with adjustable ear straps to optimize comfort.

3 layers of superior protection against allergens, particles and pollutants.


Made of high quality breathable materials, which is soft, pliable and skin-friendly.

Length: 12.2″ inches

Easy to adjust and fits around your neck to easily carry your mask while you’re not wearing it.


Made of high quality breathable materials, which is soft, pliable and skin-friendly.

Reusable, washable double layered face masks with a 3D Magic Christmas patterned experience.


5 layers of superior protection against allergens, particles and pollutants. Insert sleeve for the use of disposable PM2.5 filter (sold separately)

Adjustable ear straps to maximize comfort. Flexible wire nose band for best fit and also prevents fogging when mask is worn with glasses.

100% Cotton & Rayon. Hand wash in cold water & hang to dry.


This cooling neck gaiter is made of stretchy fabric with ear loops, making it easy to put on and remove.

The quick dry fabric technology lets your bandana dry in minutes, easy to wash. The moisture wicking fabric transfers heat and humidity away from your body and outside of the seamless bandana, keeping you cool.



As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we as Canadians can do our part to help flatten the curve by wearing a medical or non-medical cloth mask when out in public. The above accessories can help you stay fashionable when out and about or visiting friends and family.

Also, check out these COVID Christmas Ornaments. They’re a great item to remember the year by.

Let us know if you have any Christmas face mask styles you found that you would recommend.