Canadian Government now Recommending 3-layer Face Masks

Canada 3 layer mask

Apparently 2-layer masks aren’t as good as 3-layer masks.  The Public Health Agency of Canada released a statement earlier this week stating that Canadians should wear a three layer mask with a filter.

Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam stated that adding an additional filter layer will give Canadians extra protection again the ever present coronavirus, COVID-19.

Technically, this could just be a 2-layer mask with a filter between the layers, so you don’t need to throw out your two layer masks. Fit is also very important.

“I keep emphasizing the fit is one of the most important things,” Teresa said. “It fits around your mouth, on your nose, and it has to cover your mouth and nose. So that’s really important.”

As more research continues to be done, we can expect to see changes in recommendations like this often. 

To read a more detailed story about this new Health Agency recommendation, check out CTV News here.


What Next

If you’re concerned your mask is not adequate, check out our recommended list of 3-layer face masks in this post here.

Top Face Mask Accessories for 2020

Face mask Accessories

For those of you who need to wear masks daily, or for extended periods of time, you know that your ears can get tired, or even raw after awhile. 

Many accessories have come out to make wearing masks a little more comfortable. From mask extenders to mask lanyards, here’s a list of some of the options available to you on Amazon.

Soft plastic strap extender to relieve pressure from your ears while wearing a face mask.

Easy to use, small in size allows you to carry around anywhere.

Comes in 3 colors and fit men, women and children.


Non slip ear loop stopper to help you adjust the size of your face mask ear bands. 

Easily add to your ear bands to help reduce the pain and pressure of wearing a mask all day. Perfect for children but good for adults as well.


These mask extenders are superhero designed to help you showcase your personality. 

Built with durable material that are easy to clean and can be reused.

3-levels of adjustment.


4-pack of adjustable face mask lanyards in black.

Length: 12.2″ inches

Easy to adjust and fits around your neck to easily carry your mask while you’re not wearing it. 


12-pack of adjustable face mask lanyards with easy clips

Keep your face protection clean and close by while not wearing it. Get one for everyone at your office.

One-size fits all. Length: 13.8″ inches


Adjustable, anti-slip mask extenders that are comfortable to wear. 

Three levels of adjustment makes this suitable for both kids and adults to use to fit their mask comfortably.



As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we as Canadians can do our part to help flatten the curve by wearing a medical or non-medical cloth mask when out in public. The above accessories can help you feel more comfortable when out and about. 

Let us know if you have any accessories you use that help you deal with ear pain that can come from wearing a mask.

Top Places to buy Sports Team Face Masks

Sports mask blue jays

If it is mandatory to wear a face mask, you might as well be supporting your favorite team. Sport team masks look a lot cooler than your average black or colored mask. Whether you’re into the MLB, NHL, NBA or NFL, you’ll be able to find a mask for your favourite team at one of the suppliers below. 

Deck yourself out with fan gear from these sports face mask suppliers.

By far the best place online to find all the official sports team face masks. Choose from leagues including NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS and more.

Great selection of both face masks and neck covers. 

When you are buying anything, it is a must to check out Amazon. They always have the widest selection of anything, including masks for your favourite sports team.

Use the button below to begin your search on Amazon today.

Do you want a custom sports team mask? Go to Vista Print today and customize your mask with your team logo on it.

This is a good option for sports teams ordering masks. They have discounts when ordering in bulk as well.

A local, Canadian supplier has a wide range of masks available from all the top sports teams. They have a variety of NHL and NFL masks, as well as a few MLB teams.

To support local, check this supplier out today.

Find a full collection fo NHL masks at Levelwear. They have masks for all teams, including the newest team, the Seattle Kraken.

They have both youth and adult sizes. 

Your Turn

Is there somewhere you’d recommend our visitors purchase face masks of their favorite team? Comment below with your suggestions.

Mandatory Masks at Real Canadian Superstore and No Frills

Superstore Mandatory Masks

Another major grocery retailer has joined the growing list that require patrons to wear face masks. Starting August 29, 2020 wearing a face mask at Real Canadian Superstores and No Frills’ becomes mandatory.

Real Canadian SuperstoreSo now the 2 of the largest grocery outlets in Canada have a mandatory mask policy. This comes at no surprise though as the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise. Health officials continue to stress the wearing of a face mask, along with washing hands and social distancing is needed to help against the spread of this virus. 

Walmart was one of the first to require masks, and now Real Canadian Superstore.

Various news outlets across the country have not yet been able to verify if mandatory masks will also become mandatory at other Loblaws owned businesses, including Shopper’s Drug Mart, but I believe we can expect that announcement to come soon as well.

More and more businesses are stepping up to try and do their part in corralling the coronavirus and preventing it’s spread.  Until we start seeing case numbers decrease, we can expect to see more and more retailers following suit. 

To learn more about this announcement, check out these news articles below. 

Let us know what you think. Will retailers making face masks mandatory make you want to do more ‘online’ shopping? 

Funniest Face Mask Videos

Funny Mask Videos

Lately a lot of humorous videos about face masks have come out, so to lighten things up I have compiled a list of some of my favorites. 

Whether you have anxiety about the COVID-19 pandemic and the times we’re living in, or you just like funny stuff, this list of best face mask videos is for you. Enjoy!

People That Wear a Mask in Their Car

Comedian Creates Funny DIY Face Mask Video

Schools Attempting to Follow Guidelines for Reopening

Funniest Face Masks

How Kids Will Behave While Wearing A Mask

Nurse Fails at Making Face Mask From Bra

Have you come across any face mask videos worthy of sharing? Post the links in the comments below to share.

Top 10 Face Masks for Children

Children Face Masks

With back-to-school just around the corner, and most provinces in Canada making face masks mandatory for grades 4 and up, face masks are an important need for school families.

We understand that it isn’t easy finding the right face mask for your child. This list below is a collection of the most common and popular face masks being purchased for children. Face masks have become an important need during this COVID-19 pandemic.

These 3-ply reusable face masks are breathable and comfortable for kids. Comes in a pack of 3.

Machine washable. Perfect for children ages 3-9. 


High quality and cost effective, medical disposable masks. These 3-ply masks are skin friendly made with non woven fabric.

Soft stretch latex-free ear loops and adjustable nose piece.


This washable cloth facemask is reusable and adjustable. 5 layers of superior protection and comes with a dust filter pocket for added protection and reuse.

6″ (L) x 5″ (H), Ear Straps: 3.15″. Kids Size Face mask only.


Dust block balaclavas for sports and outdoor activities. Thin and lightweight, high quality soft and comfortable milk silk material.

Stretchy and durable. Fits snugly on all sizes of heads and faces.


Soft and breathable cotton fabric allows you to wear your mask all day without discomfort. Size: 7.6*3.6 inch.

Washable and resusable, perfect for kids.


Reusable anti-fog, anti-dust mask with filter respirator for kids.

Size: approx 20*12cm,wWith a scalable ear band.

Applicable ages: High elastic ear loop mouth-mask suitable for 3-15 years old.


Disposable 50 pack of kids face masks with space pattern.

Skin-friendly disposable material, very comfortable to wear. Designed to fit all children.


Unisex kids masks with cute cartoon print. Washable and reusable. 

Easy breathing, built with soft material.


Adjustable: The size of the ear rope can be adjusted to meet different requirements for size.

Comfortable with breathable cotton material.


Pink in color, these 3-ply disposable masks are made for kids age 5-14.

Adjustable nose-piece, fits snugle and easy breathing..



As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we as Canadians can do our part to help flatten the curve by wearing a medical or non-medical cloth mask when out in public.

Do you have a favorite kids mask that works well for your children? Let us know what you’d recommend in the comments below.

Walmart Canada Make Face Masks Mandatory

Walmart Face Masks

As of August 12, 2020, wearing a face mask in a Walmart store in Canada will be mandatory.

With no end in site for the coronavirus pandemic, Walmart Canada announced that they will be making the wearing of face masks or coverings mandatory in all stores nationwide.

One key thing to note here is that unlike Costco, Walmart will not be supplying free masks to its shoppers. Customers must bring their own masks or face coverings if they wish to enter the store.

There will be a lot of consumers who will be turned away from Walmart, and we will have to wait and see if this affects their bottom line. 

What’s your opinion on this move by Walmart? Comment below.

Walmart Face Masks

This announcement, we believe, is just the first in many large retailers who will announce that masks will be mandatory in their stores.

Shop the Top 10 Face Masks now, or use the categories on the left to purchase masks for your family.

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