Back-to-School: Province by Province COVID-19 Guidelines

Whether you agree with what your provincial government has set out for back-to-school guidelines or not, each province has set out their rules. Most guidelines continue to be changed as we get closer to school, but we can expect these to be fluid as the pandemic continues.

Each province has slightly different rules, and we think that is okay. With different population sizes and density factors, all rules don’t need to be the same. Also, most provinces have left certain guidelines to be set by their school divisions and in some cases by each school. So although these are the general guidelines that have been set out, your school might look different.

2020 Back to School COVID Province by Province
Source: CBC Kids News

What does the Canadian Government Say

All provincial guidelines follow what Canada recommends. Standard protocols like physical distancing, additional cleaning, washing hands and use of hand sanitizers are musts from coast to coast.

To view the Canadian Governments recommendations for schools, view their site here.


For a more in depth look at provincial back-to-school 2020 guidelines, you can read these news articles:

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